What is Cryptofex?

Cryptofex is an IDE for writing blockchain smart contracts.
Cryptofex currently supports RChain and Ethereum. Others will be made available based on community demand.


Why did you write your own IDE instead of a plugin?

Cryptofex plans to expand to a contract development platform. We do understand that a plugin would be beneficial and are open to developing such a tool.

We simply can’t make smart contracts a first-class citizen and create all the awesome tools we want, within the confines of another IDE.
Cryptofex takes advantage of open source work through language servers.


Where can I learn more about Rholang?

We recommend The RChain Tutorial and Learn Rholang by Example.


How do I install and run the Linux version of Cryptofex IDE? And how do I uninstall Cryptofex IDE?

The Linux version is an AppImage file — a complete stand-alone package that contains everything without installing multiple files in different locations. To run Cryptofex IDE, download the file, change the permissions so that the file is executable, and then run the file.

Some systems may have “AppImageLauncher” installed, which makes it possible to execute an AppImage by clicking on it as a regular application, without having to make it executable first.

AppImage contains a directory structure that is mounted in a temporary directory; thus, there’s no need to run AppImage as root. An option is given to add an icon to the system’s menu system; beyond this, though, nothing else is installed on the system. Hence, to uninstall the Cryptofex IDE, it’s sufficient to delete the file, and then remove the icons that were installed.

Cryptofex IDE itself also installs sample files and creates a configuration directory, but doesn’t install anything else.

More information about AppImage can be found here.


Why did you use Electron?

Electron is the bulk of the download size and RAM usage and we agree this is less than desirable. However, along with providing a robust cross-platform development environment, we plan to use many of the browser features which seem like overkill now. Cryptofex is an IDE and not a text editor, and so will be using a lot of multimedia features. An example of this is the HTML and Markdown preview available now. With that said, Cryptofex is not a JavaScript monolith, it is a JavaScript UI on top of native UNIX-style programs. We aim to integrate closely with tried and true, high-performance tools. An example of this design is our comparison which utilizes `diff(1)`. If there is a development tool you would like integrated into Cryptofex, let us know.


How can I request new features or report a bug?

Contact us on through the feedback page and leave a comment explaining your request. We love to hear from you.


Can I use Cryptofex to deploy contracts on Ethereum or RChain main net?

Cryptofex should function with all nodes the same. However, this feature has not been heavily tested. Use at your own risk.