Cryptofex V 0.3.0 & Stable Windows Release

Features Include:

  • New “Run” & “Repl” modes for Rholang. Run mode now provides correct error line numbers.
  • Syntax errors are now shown within the code rather than within the gutter.
  • Solidity syntax checking, autocomplete, Go to definition, and reformatting.
  • New package manager for managing project dependencies.
  • JSON reformatting.
  • Option for editing Windows line endings.
  • Fixed bug where Cryptofex would steal hotkeys from other programs.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements.

Bring Your Own App For The Chance To Win 15 ETH

The contest began at 12:00 AM Mountain Time on January 3, 2019. Submissions must be made by 12:00 AM Mountain Time, March 31, 2019. Any applications submitted after this date will be automatically disqualified.

Submission requires the following information:

  • Headshot photo
  • Brief bio
  • Explanation of application
  • Code for application