Cryptofex: A Blockchain IDE

Cryptofex is free for personal use and is currently in Alpha. To participate in the developing/testing, we ask that you provide us with a bit of information.

Cryptofex Gitlab

Cryptofex is a decentralized¬†integrated development environment (DIDE), a command-line toolset, and an integrated blockchain-based App Store. It includes native support for smart contracts and contracting languages such as Ethereum’s Solidity and RChain’s Rholang and provides programmers with the ability to learn how to code on a Solidity IDE.

Cryptofex IDE Features


Write and test Rholang contracts for RChain.


Write and test Solidity contracts for Ethereum

Deploying Contracts

Deploy contracts to Ethereum or RChain nodes.

Text Editing

Fully featured text editor including VIM and EMACS bindings, syntax-highlighting, and file comparison.

Contract Interaction

Connect to existing smart contracts on Ethereum and interact with them on the chain

Cryptofex Solidity IDE Demo

Honest Feedback

Cryptofex helps developers design, test, deploy and manage their blockchain applications. Developers can help Cryptofex improve by providing honest feedback about our product.

Free For Non-Commercial Use

Commercial use of Cryptofex requires our permission. Contact us to discuss the terms of use.